You may have heard the term Analytics  floating around or perhaps the word Insights. In an on-line business sense these simply translate as the ability to look at the customers that are visiting your on-line presence and how they got there.

If you create a Facebook Business Page you will automatically get access to this data via their Insights page. You can change the timescale to see how your facebook page is performing over the last week, the last month etc

If you run a promotional campaign with Facebook you will see the cost of the campaign and the resultant data of how many visitors responded.

For a google business entry the same is true. The entry is free, puts your business in a prominent position on a google search and easily generates the following types of analysis.

These are easy to understand glimpses as to how well your listing is performing…and maybe hints at things, wording… you might change to further improve audience attention capture.

With respect to your website itself of course you can look more in depth via Google Analytics (again free) .

The bottom line in my eyes is that for the vast majority of small enterprises, these easy to use methods of looking at your on-line visitors are more than adequate to meet your needs and that paying for consultancy over and above what you can do yourself makes sense only in exceptional circumstances.

Take a look at your own results and take a little time to understand what each graph is telling you. (help from google,facebook is excelllent at answering queries). You won’t regret it.


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