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This post can only give you an overview of the wonders of Facebook Advertising. Should you wish to find out more , please download the The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising.

There are 3 major reasons why you should consider Advertising on Facebook to promote your business.

  • Potential audience of 1 Billion Users every day
  • The average duration spent on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger is 50 minutes.
  • The capability to target specific interested groups.

The first two points are obvious and well-known , while it is the third, matching awareness of your product with potential consumers , that will be most surprising and probably important.

What data does Facebook have on their users to target specific audiences?

We have all seen how a large number of surprisingly appropriate adverts appear routinely on our facebook timelines. This of coure is no accident …but just how do they do it?

The most obvious data comes from the Facebook sign-up to get your account….name,sex, address etc but through your likes, the groups that you join, the friends or pages that you follow, the devices you use, the locations you spend time at etc etc Before long Facebook has a remarkably long list of boxes ticked to describe you, as a potential consumer of whatever product they are trying to promote.

All of this information including behaviours, shopping patterns, interests, demographics etc can be used to focus in on exactly the type of people you suspect would benefit from your product or service.

OK. So how does this work in practice. Well, as a short excercise I have run a quick campaign to promote this business. You can see how I did it and follow the results below.

Original Art Facebook Ad

A very thorough set of short advisory videos make up a short course in the intricacies and fine tuning of Facebook advertising for your purposes.

Video Course in Facebook Ads
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