Change is always unwelcome…but in this case it is completely justified.

The email address I have used for over 20 years is now impossible to use due to the following problems.

  • Frequently Inaccessible
  • Continuous assault from SPAM using providers credentials
  • Zero Customer Service
  • Late Delivery of Emails
  • Non Delivery of Emails

I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now ….Yes I was an unfortunate address holder. Laziness drove me to continue to put up with the provider that gave me email for the last 20 years but enough is enough. I cannot run a business continually questioning whether my email has reached the customer.

Off late the intensity of the problem has soared as even previously successfully delivered email addresses are not receiving my emails and the worst thing about it is …you dont know anything about it. In the old days when an email was not delivered or the address was incorrect you would receive a bounce back reply …letting you know. With EIR, nothing, nada, nicks…..You are wondering why your customer hasnt finalised that order while your customer is still waiting for the quote.

Website Associated Email Address

So, my solution is to use the free email/webmail assoicated with my web domain…ie Now this may not be the best solution, time will tell, but at least I have some degree of control in continuously adapting to the ever changing increase in security measures that are the real source of a lot of the problems. (eg adding spf details assuring email receiver all is well). My provider, Blacknight, is very responsive and I am confident that no matter what comes along I will learn about it quickly and be able to respond accordingly.

It will take a few months before everyone is using the new address but at least now my confidence on getting out of this predicament is high.

I apologise for the inconvenience and have sent out emails to my customers from the new address

To any fellow eircom sufferers out there…I would advise you take the pain on the chin and make the change…..because whatever your suspicions regarding mail…its worse than you think and only going one way.

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