WordPress is a CMS or content management system.

  • Content – your words, images , products, service description etc
  • Management – Easy to Use interface for organising your website
  • System – Display and Functionality of your website

What does that mean? Well basically the content of the website is separated from the look and functionality.

WordPress Themes

  • A theme is a style or the presentation of your words and images on the screen.
  • You can switch themes and see your content displayed in a different way
  • A very brief example comparing three simple mobile phone pages using 4 different FREE themes is shown in the following slide show.
    • Blask
    • Twentyfourteen
    • Twentysixteen
    • Dara

The images and words are the same in all cases but the display fonts, colours and arrangement on the page is altered at the flick of a switch.

Wordpress Theme Demo

It is difficult to demonstrate these but I hope you see that we can get some basic content for your website and examine many different variants easily to get the right look and feel for your needs.

WordPress Flexibility

Without changing any of your content you can change the look and feel of your website every couple of years to reflect contemporary design practice.  The general use of wordpress also gives you the customer to move from one support designer to another or do more of the work yourself.


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