Social Media Marketing

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc) have become the preferred way of communication for an increasing proportion of the population. If someone likes what they see on your website they can share with friends…who share with other friends etc etc

What is important is that the share action provides the link back to the correct location on your website to make a purchase / find out more. These links can be automatically added to your website pages so ….your customer is only one click away when they see something they like on Facebook

  • Information from your website can travel far and wide
  • Information can travel fast
  • Links to your website allows quick and/or impulse purchase
  • The cost to you is zero

How is this done?

Place Social Media Share links on each and every page / product of your website.

This is an example from the DraĆ­ocht Adare Website. If you click on the image you will go to this page on their website. To Share with all your friends on Facebook you just need to click on the Facebook Icon and it will appear on your Facebook Timeline …and your friends as follows. (try it for yourself with this example).

This is what appears on the the Facebook Timeline…..Clicking on the article takes the visitor directly back to your website to place an order.

In this way the general public can share their interests with their friends simultaneously spreading the word about your products / services.

Of course there are possibilities on Social Media.

It is possible to advertise on these platforms in a very targetted way so that your product / service appears on the Social Media Pages of potential customers.

This is described in the following articles.

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