Before you accept an offer from a company to promote your business on-line, consider what you can do for your own business, in this regard. The cost is zero financially, just a few minutes spent on the internet to spread the word via the common business listings. These are Golden Pages, Google, Facebook, Yelp etc etc all of which will allow you to post your business on-line for all to see for nothing.

Free Google Listing

Visit listing for yourself to check it out but you can add all of your business contact information , link to your website, telephone number, email address and a range of images, (even video) to catch the eye of a potential customer.

Free Facebook Listing

Again, Facebook offer a listing that provides all of your key info , with the ability to add attention-grabbing images,video….all for nothin. In both cases, Google and Facebook offer additional promotional advertising campaigns at reasonable cost, (described in a previous post) but you can acheive an awful lot with no outlay whatsoever.

The same is true for golden pages, yelp, mytown etc etc but it is likely that unless you are in a specialised commercial arena, these alternatives are unlikely to contribute much to your business.

Take a look at the google, facebook entries above by clicking the images and ask yourself if your business has similar and if not, why not. If you are paying for these entries the question is what are you getting for your money over and above what you see above. The answer I’m afraid is usually precious little.

See upcoming post on Analytics which shows how these platforms allow you to monitor visitors to your business listings, again at no financial cost.



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