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A recent example of our work as a web designer for the Adare area,  is the Draíocht Art Gallery has just moved around the corner in the village of Adare into large new premises shown on the front page above. The website was constructed with the following brief from the gallery manager, Andrew Timoney.

  • The site should be attractive, yet muted in order not to distract from the art itself.
  • E Commerce was to be introduced to allow customers to purchase on-line.
  • Search Engine Optimisation was required to ensure high visibility of the Gallery on search engines.
  • Social Media interweaving to promote visits to the website from Facebook, Twitter etc etc
  • The site should be responsive. This term means the viewing experience should be of a high quality regardless of device…ie laptop, tablet, mobile phone etc
  • Analytics of how the website is performing in terms of no of visitors,  search engine query terms, keywords etc should be accessible.


The Results

The best way of judging the outcome is of course to visit the site yourselves and determine the level of success. The logo and colours from same were used throughout the site to maintain the link with the past and the physical shop signage.

Key points in relation to the above that you perhaps cannot see from a site visit are –

Mailchimp Email tool was introduced to allow the capability to send newsletters to subscribed customers to keep them abreast of the latest artworks on display.


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The integration of social media networking allows Andrew to create a news item on his webpage which is then shared with his facebook and twitter feeds automatically.


This means Draíocht reaches all their facebook followers (and many of their friends) and their twitter followers without producing any more copy and that interested parties are redirected to the website itself to view the article. This could lead to further sales or interest.

A snapshot of the Google Analytics window is shown below to demonstrate the kind of information you can access.


Some of the traffic peaks are clearly due to the interest cultivated by the monthly newsletters. You can see that monitoring began in November 2015 and that the %ge of new visitors is encouragingly high. Much more information is routinely available in order to improve the performance of the website still further and these are described by google below.

Google Analytics

This shows the type of all-inclusive work we do. If you try and search for appropriate terms on google or indeed any other search engine I am confident you will be led to the Draíocht website sooner rather than later. The same can be done for your business!

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