Promotion of website using Facebook Ads

As an example of how to use Facebook Ads I have created a Facebook Ad to promote The Original Art Company web design business. The process is decsribed below.

Pre-requisite – You must have a Facebook Business page attached to your account.

This is a simple task described expertly at the following, but basically provides you with a facebook page dedicated to your business through which you can promote your business and launch / record the results of your facebook ad campaigns.

Creating a Facebook Business Page

There are various methods / access points to creating and Ad such as Boost Post , Promote Website, Promote which will present you with a menu driven range of choices you make constructing your Ad.

  • What are you going to promote/advertise.  Your Facebook Page itself, or perhaps a specific Post you have created or perhaps  your website……In mycase it was my website but procedure is similar.
  • Create a Tagline for your Ad and take care with wording / visual impact to grab attention of your potential customer.Remember the Ad appears to the side on a persons Facebook Timeline and you have a fleeting moment to catch someone’s eye.
  • Audience Choice

A selection of drop down menus will allow you to pick and choose the options that are most relevant for your business in each category.

  • Location              14 mile radius incorporating Adare / Co Limerick
  • Age                         35-65+
  • Gender                  Both
  • Interests               Small Business Owners , Digital Marketing, Web Design, On-line Shopping, Ecommerce, On-line Advertising Business Owner, Retail, WordPress, Business to Business etc
  • Behaviours         Small business owners
  • Field of Study    Online-Marketing
  • Job Title               Co-Founder/Owner or Owner and CEO

The above choices were selected for a very specific audience. For most business purposes the numbers involved will be much larger.

  • Audience Size / Budget
    • As you select your audience through the above choices Facebook will present an estimated audience size and click rate.
    • The charge rate for your ad will also be displayed based on the above. ie the wider the audience, the higher the expected click rate , the greater the cost.
    • In my case the tightly localised ad targetting people liable to run their own businesses gave an audience of ~ 1000  at 2 or 3 clicks per day for seven days.
    • This amounted to a total cost for the week of 14€ which was paid up front.
  • Results
  • Impact
    • The ad resulted in 19 visits to my website which was more or less as predicted.
    • 2 page likes will also have boosted the visibility to friends/asscociates on their timelines
    • The true effectiveness of the Ad in terms of generating enquiries for new business well certainly take time to understand. People often do not react there and then but return at a later date.
  • Future

I will continue with this ad campaign over the coming weeks, perhaps adjusting the audience selection options from time to time. You can follow progress on your own Google Analytics of your website.  The KEY point is that you set the budget, the audience, delivery method etc and you need to see what works for your business.   Good Luck!

  • Future Updates will be Posted


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