A lot of photography for websites comes down to

  • equipment  – Canon Cameras / Lenses
  • expertise – various courses
  • software – Extensive Photoshop Skills
  • flexibility – years of experience

An example of this was the need to capture high quality images for the Draíocht Art Gallery. The size of the products varied from small pieces of jewellery to large paintings and the existing shop has a vast range of lighting sources which cast shadows, give highspot refelections etc just when you dont want them.

The solution was to build a self-contained but adaptable light box using a simple wooden frame, muslin cloth and cheap long lasting led lighting. In order to present the paintings such that the potential buyer can see how big, small the artwork is ….The images are superimposed on a standard room environment through photoshop.

Also available , new 360 Insta 360 oneX camera to allow the viewer to scan around your premises or conduct a virtual tour.

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