Another successful website delivered to a local business.


Graphic interpretation of the Village Bistro courtesy of  Adobe Photoshop.

Another successful website delivered to a local business.

New features include a variable listing of available dishes dependent on the time of day and dietary requirements. eg  Vegetarians can see the dishes that they can enjoy with one click.

In addition to the standard Call Now button a direct link to Google Maps direction link allows the visitor to Adare to simply press the button and watch/listen to the directions on how to reach the bistro.

Other new features are a local weather window for golfers to plan their day starting with breakfast in the bistro plus a window linked to the Bistro Facebook Page to keep abreast of any special dishes, community news etc of potential interest to customers.

Overall the website is light, bright, welcoming reflecting the business ethos of the owner, Cathy Corbett.


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